How to Apply for Australia Visitor Visa Online (2024)

Have you ever dreamed of seeing some of the iconic Australian landmarks, like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge? Or maybe seeing a Kangaroo or Koala? Are you planning an epic adventure to the “Land Down Under”, but don’t know how to apply for an Australia Visitor Visa? Well, this guide is for you! I’ll share my personal experience, as well as some sample letters you can use to increase your chances of having a successful visa application. So read on!

Disclaimer: Before you proceed, please note that this Australia visa application guide is designed for those who are traveling for tourism and leisure purposes. The type of Australia visa you need to apply for is the visitor visa (subclass 600). If you have other purpose for visiting, check out this website to know your visa type.

How to Apply for Australia Visitor Visa

Step 1 – Know your visa type

Before you proceed with your online application, you have to identify what kind of visa you’ll need to enter Australia. For regular tourists who are applying outside Australia, the visa type you need is a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600). With this visa you can visit family or friends, visit as a tourist for a cruise or for any purpose except business or medical treatment. 

Step 2 – Create an ImmiAccount

To access the online visa service of the Australian Government, you need an ImmiAccount. Use a valid and working email address to make sure you will get updates about your online application.

Step 3 – Accomplish your online application form

Once your ImmiAccount is verified, you can proceed with filling out the online application form. You will be asked to provide your personal information such as family background, travel history, employment details and financial capability. If you don’t have a certain information on hand, you can always save your online application and get back to the unanswered sections later on.

After filling out the online application form, you have to upload documents to support your application. These documents needed to be scanned (file type should be .JPG, .PDF, or .PNG and file size must not exceed 5MB) and uploaded to your ImmiAccount. Documents required are not the same for every applicant. It depends on your personal circumstances so pay close attention to what you will provide. 

Here are the requirements I submitted:

  • Passport-size ID Photo (45mm x 35mm with white background)
  • Scanned Passport Bio page, all previous travel stamps and valid/expired visas
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Bank certificate
  • Bank statements (last 6 months)
  • Payslips (last 3 months)
  • Sample Day by day Itinerary
  • Flight ticket reservation
  • Hotel reservation – You can pre-book your accommodation at without paying for reservation fee. They have a free cancellation option as well so you can always change accommodations once you have your visa.

Step 4 – Submit your application and pay the visa application fee

Once you’ve finalized and double-checked all your information on your online application, you may proceed with the payment. The Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) costs AUD 150.

Step 5 – Wait for your Australia Visitor Visa

Within 24 hours to as long as 2 months, you will receive an email from the Australian Embassy notifying you that your documents have been received and your visa application has been processed. In our case, we received our visa application results after 10 business days. After you get your visa approved (hopefully), you need to print the Visa Grant Notice so you can present this upon entering and exiting Australia.

What does an Australian Visa Grant Notice look like? 

Australia Visitor Visa: Useful FAQs

How much money do I need in my bank account for an Australian tourist visa?

Honestly, there is no fixed amount that can be considered as enough ‘show money’ for Australia Visitor Visa. The amount on your savings account should show that you can support yourself for the duration of your visit including all accommodation, plane tickets, transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses.

Aside from the money in your bank account, you also have to provide evidence of strong ties in your home country so that it will give an impression that you won’t stay in Australia beyond the allowable duration of visit.

What documents will support strong ties to your home country?

A “strong tie” is anything that you can use to give an impression to the embassy that you’re going to return to your home country. That could be a property (house and lot), a job, or maybe a business. Having a family is a strong tie as well, like having a spouse and children in the Philippines. Below are some documentation you can submit to prove strong ties:


  • Certificate of Employment stating job, salary and tenure
  • Pay slips
  • Permission Letter from immediate supervisor for taking paid leave (vacation or time off)

Other Financial Documentation

  • Title of property or deed
  • Vehicle title
  • Additional savings account
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • Insurance Policy
  • Investment Account

Family Ties

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate

How early can I apply for Australia Visitor Visa?

Submit your Australia Visitor Visa application online at least 15 business days prior to your intended travel date. This is the latest you can file your application in my opinion. On the other hand, the earliest you can apply for an Australia Visitor Visa is three months before your trip.

How long is the validity of Australia Visitor Visa?

Australia Visitor Visa is valid for 3, 6 or 12 months from the date of visa issuance. They may grant you Single entry or Multiple entry. Multiple-entry visa allows you to enter Australia any number of times and stay for up to 3 months per visit. 

What documents do I need for an Australian tourist visa?

You will need to provide your passport, a completed application form, a recent passport-sized photo, proof of financial capability, travel itinerary, and any other supporting documents relevant to your application. Check the list of documents I listed above.

Can I apply for an Australian tourist visa online?

Yes, you can apply online through the Australian government’s official website or via an authorized third-party visa application center.

How long does it take to get an Australian visa?

The processing time for an Australian visa may vary depending on the type of visa and the volume of applications received. Typically, a tourist visa can be processed within 15-20 working days.

How long does it take to get an Australian visa from the Philippines?

The processing time for an Australian visa from the Philippines may vary depending on the type of visa and the volume of applications received. Typically, a tourist visa can be processed within 15-20 working days.

What are the reasons for Australian visa rejection?

Some common reasons for visa rejection include providing false information, failure to meet health or character requirements, lack of sufficient funds, and insufficient ties to your home country.

Where do I apply for an Australian visa?

You can apply for an Australian visa online through the Australian government’s official website or via an authorized third-party visa application center.

Is the Philippines visa-free for Australia?

No, Philippine passport holders require a visa to enter Australia.

Do I need to have a travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not necessary for visa application. I would suggest getting an insurance if you are staying for over a week in Australia. It’s also a good idea to take one if you’re planning to do cross-country adventures. If you’re traveling for just a few days and your estimated travel cost is pretty low, I won’t bother getting a travel insurance.

Sydney Opera House

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