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I finally made it to Batanes!


A week prior to my Batanes trip, I went to Calaguas and Baler. I asked myself, “Aren’t you gonna get burned out if you don’t space out your travels well?.” To be honest, I thought of not going. But my stubborn self said, “Hey! Batanes could be a once in a lifetime trip, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by.”

Fast forward to June 4, 2014, our first day in Batanes…
Day 1 June 4, 2014
5:00 AM
Location: My favorite airport in the Philippines
My friends and I arrived early in NAIA Terminal 3 at around 5:00 am. Our scheduled flight is at 6:00 am so we immediately walked towards the PAL counter to check in our heavy bags. The lady in the check in counter asked for our printed itinerary and IDs. Shoot. Badz, one of my friends from the office, forgot to bring her ID. GREAT. Of all the things she will forget, it’s her ID. We told her, “YOU are so dead (not WE), With or without you we are going to Batanes.” While she is rummaging through her stuff, we check what can we take with us, like her monopod and packed goodies. You see we are very supportive. Lol!


She only have 30 minutes to get that ID, check in deadline is at 5:30 am. She had two options, it’s either she will go back home or ask someone to get the ID. If she will go back home, she will not be able to come back on time even if she will take a cab. Good thing, her cousin will be able to get it for her. 5 minutes left and there is still no ID. The lady in the counter asked her superiors if they can give us an exception. The odds must have sided with us and they approved it. They said it was a one time exception. Thanks PAL!

5:30 AM
Location: Boarding area of NAIA Terminal 3

After that airport scene (Badz rummaging through her bags, good thing her bras and undies where not exposed ), we immediately went to the boarding area. I had some questions in mind while we wait for the aircraft that will take us to the northernmost island of the Philippines. “What is the weather forecast today? How long til we reach our destination? Is our flight gonna be delayed or worst cancelled? Do they have 3G in Batanes?.” Typical questions that goes through my head whenever I travel.

The aircraft arrived late (around 10 minutes I think), but we did not complaint. The hell we care, as long as it will take us safely to Batanes. ๐Ÿ™‚


another thing checked off my bucket list, biking in Batanes!

8:00 AM
Location: Basco Domestic Airport

The PAL aircraft landed at exactly 8:00 am in Basco Domestic Airport located at the foot of Mt. Iraya. Can you imagine it? A runway at the foot of the mountain! I got really excited when we alighted the plane. I don’t take selfies in the airport but this time is different. I am in f*****g Batanes!

Kuya Mon, the owner of Crisan Lodge where we are staying for four days, was waiting for us at the arrival area. We rode a van to his lodge, which only took 5 minutes. We told him, “Pinag lakad nyo na lang po sana kami.” He just smiled. ย Since we only have four days in Batanes, we already prepared an itinerary. It was a new destination so we wanted to see as much as can be seen and experience as much as can be experienced. We told Kuya Mon we wanted a chillax tour. We don’t want to pressure ourselves of rushing from one itinerary item to another.

Tukon Church, our second destination

11:00 AM
Location: Mt. Carmel Church also known as Tukon Church

We started the north batan tour at around 10 am. While we are enjoying taking selfies at Tukon Church, Kinoy (our local tour guide) advised that we should hurry up. He said it will rain at any moment. We did not take him seriously. I thought the glommy clouds are still far from our location. But as soon as we get in our van, it did rain. WTH. One thing I realized, forget weather forecast when you are in Batanes. Ask an Ivatan if you are curious about the weather. 99.9 percent they will give you an accurate weather prediction ๐Ÿ™‚

Maki, Amy and Badz (the rummaging girl lol) at Naidi Hills

5:00 PM
Location: Naidi Hills

On our way back to Crisan Lodge, I asked Kinoy if we could see the sunset at Naidi Hills. He smiled and said, “Hindi po. Medyo makapal po kasi ang ulap.” Again, we did not take him seriously. After we freshen up a bit, we went up to Naidi Hills, where we want to see the sunset. Though it did not rain, Kinoy was right. We did not see the sunset. It broke my heart, really. But we were determined to see the sunset so the following days, we went back to Naidi Hills. Curious if we finally see the sunset? I’ll tell you later. ^_^


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  1. First time here on your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your Batanes entry, cant wait to read more about it. Here’s to more adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh my.. I can only dream of going to Batanes for now. Still really don't know when I can go there or if it's safe to visit with a baby a super kulit gradeschooler. I wanna hike those hills too, ride a bike, visit the stone house, the honesty store, etc. You lucky you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello Mrs. Kolca! Batanes is definitely a dream destination for many. You can take your gradeschooler there. I've seen families traveling together in Batanes when we where there. Thanks for dropping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow! That's a great deal sis. For now, I still can't go there. I don't have a travel buddy yet. Not unless I'll go alone which I think is kinda sad and lonely. LOL

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