Mui Ne, Vietnam: Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

I was an energizer bunny at 4:00 in the morning on the day of our departure for Mui Ne. Despite the rip off incident the day prior, I was pretty optimistic. I was mumbling to myself, “You better be good to us Mui Ne” while I eat our left over food from Baba’s Kitchen. Good thing, we were staying in a capsule hotel the other guests did not smell the strong scent of our food lol.

Why did we choose this part of Vietnam? Well I wanted to see the fairy stream and the sand dunes. Yes, there are sand dunes in Vietnam and it is not those little dunes but massive ones.


photo taken at White Sand Dunes


As our bus hurtles down the road to Mui Ne, Maki and I positioned ourselves for a 6 hour catatonic bus ride. Good thing, I have my playlist updated ang my comfy neck pillow. When I woke up, stunning landscape unfold before us. At 1 in the afternoon, we reached the town of  Mui Ne. Thank God Mui Ne Hills 2, where we stayed overnight, is only a stone’s throw away from the highway. I can’t imagine walking up the hill with my 10 KG backpack! The sun would fry us alive if we did not hurry up.

Most of the tourists in Mui Ne prefer renting motorbikes, but since we don’t know how to drive, we opted for a day tour from our hostel, Mui Ne Hills 2 which I highly recommend. The drive along the main coastal road was awesome! Glancing to the left we could see the sand dunes and to the right we could see the rough waves at the water’s edge. The view looks we were somewhere in Australia, though I have not been there yet just saw it online 🙂

fairy stream

Our first stop was the Fairy Stream. It was extremely fun to walk around barefoot and feel the fine red sands. As you walk down, there were some parts with funky smell. Soon the limestone walls appeared. Red sand flows from the rock formations towards the creek which created its reddish orange color. I don’t know if you call that Soil Erosion but it was really fun to watch. There was some rubbish along the way but generally speaking the rocks formations with red sand dunes made up for it.

the fishing village
Next stop was the Fishing Village. The view overlooking the fishing village was great. We saw a lot of colorful fishing boats and people selling their catch. It was a bit smelly as expected. If we have plenty of time, we could have gone to the village and bought some seafood for dinner.

The highlight of our trip was the White Sand Dunes. Seeing the sand dunes for the first time, I thought this place is not like any other place in Vietnam! When I posted a photo of myself in the sand dunes on Facebook, everybody thought I was somewhere in the middle east. lol

The view of the dunes contrasting with the lake and greenery around it was fantastic! There were some people in ATV which is kinda annoying because it ruined our selfie moments haha! It would have been perfect if not for the ATVs but still the place is worth a visit.

this is white sand dunes, this photo is just over edited by Maki haha

Our last stop was the Red Sand Dunes. Compared to the White Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes are smaller and not as well maintained as the former. The sunset was beautiful but I did not like the place because it was full of trash!


the lovely hostel of Mui Ne Hills 2

We went back tired and famished. It was a mistake scheduling a tour on the day of our arrival. We could have scheduled it the day after. But certainly, Maki and I had a great time! I wish could have stayed longer 🙂 And oh! I actually had tons of photos to share but my external HD is messed up. I only managed to retrieve some mobile uploads when we were still in Vietnam. Such a waste!

Travel Notes:
– There are many buses that ply the roads between Mui Ne and Ho Chi Minh City, but I’d recommend taking Sinh Tourist. One way bus fare to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh City is $7. 
– One night stay in the affordable but fabulous Mui Ne Hills 2 costs $25 or 1,100 PHP


  1. Ang ganda naman dyan milet,parang hindi nga sa vietnam!sa Mui ne lang ba kayo pumunta? maganda din sa Danang, sana next year matuloy na talaga kami sa Hanoi 🙂 pwede malaman itinerary nyo sa mui ne? pati magkano damaage haha! paemail salamat 🙂

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