Sample Itinerary for UK Visitor Visa Application

As a traveler who has successfully obtained a UK visitor visa, I understand the importance of crafting an itinerary. On this post, I will share my personal experience and provide a sample itinerary for UK visitor visa application. I hope this helps you get that approval.

Overview of the UK Visitor Visa Application Process

The UK visitor visa application process begins with understanding the key requirements and gathering the necessary documents. To start, you will need to complete the online application form, providing accurate and detailed information about your travel plans, duration of stay, and purpose of visit.

Crafting your own Itinerary

Crafting an itinerary is an essential step in your visa application journey. It’s important to determine the duration of your stay in the United Kingdom. You should have a clear plan for your visit and that you have thoughtfully considered the places you want to visit, and preferred activities. Remember, your itinerary should be realistic and feasible within your chosen duration of stay.

Sample Itinerary for UK Visitor Visa Application

Here’s the itinerary I submitted for my 2018 UK Visitor Visa application. Feel free to personalize and adapt this itinerary to suit your own preferences, travel style, and desired duration of stay.

Sample Itinerary when I first applied for a UK Visitor Visa

Here’s the itinerary I submitted for my 2022 UK Visitor Visa application.

Itinerary I submitted on my second application

UK Visitor Visa application process can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. As you embark on your own visa application journey, pay attention to the small details. Double-check all the information you provide, review your documents for accuracy and completeness, and ensure that you meet the financial requirements set by the UK visa authorities. I hope this sample itinerary helps your application. Good luck!

Where to Stay in London

Pan Pacific London
80 Houndsditch, The City, London, United Kingdom

209 Earls Court Road, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

The Resident Covent Garden (formerly The Nadler Covent Garden)
51 Bedford Street, West End Soho, London, United Kingdom

Redchurch Townhouse
25 Whitby Street Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, London, United Kingdom

The Lincoln Suites
37-39 Kingsway, Bloomsbury, London, United Kingdom