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Siargao Travel Guide with Itinerary and Budget (2024)

Planning to visit Siargao? Here’s a detailed Siargao Travel Guide with budget tips, places to visit, accommodation recommendations, and more. Here you will find my 5D4N Siargao itinerary, which I think is perfect for first-time visitors. I also included another itinerary featuring Hinatuan, the home of the Enchanted River, and Bislig, home to Tinuy-an Falls, in case you’d like a side trip to Mindanao. So, here we go!

Siargao Tourist Spots

Surfing in Cloud 9

Surfing in Cloud 9 has to be the first thing on this list because it’s one of the most memorable things I did in Siargao. Aside from the fact that the island is known as the Surfing Capital of Philippines, its famous surf spot called Cloud 9 is the location of some international surfing competitions. How cool is that?! Although this spot is used mainly by advanced surfers, there is a spot for beginners too.

surfing lessons in Siargao
Surfing lessons in Cloud cost 500-700 pesos per hour

You can avail a surfing lesson from one of the locals in Cloud 9 or book your surfing lesson online.

Siargao Three Islands

For me, island hopping in Siargao is the next best thing. Having been to all the major islands in Siargao, I admit that I have my own personal favorites. However, the islands are diverse, has its own unique offerings, and one is certainly not “better” than another. In Siargao, the three famous islands included in all island-hopping tours are Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island.

Naked Island

Naked Island, a white sandbar with no shade, is my least favorite spot. It’s not due to a lack of beauty but because its exposure almost guarantees sunburn. Additionally, the strong current makes it less ideal for swimming. However, it remains a fantastic place for picture taking and sunbathing.

aerial shot of Naked Island in Siargao
drone shot of Naked Island

Daku Island

Daku Island is my absolute favourite in Siargao. This island dazzles with glittering turquoise waters, wide white sand beach and swaying coconut fringes. It can handle a lot of people in comparison with Naked Island and Guyam Island, so it never feels too crowded. Aside from swimming and beach bumming, Daku is a great place for surfing too!

dog at Daku Island
resident doggo at Daku Island

Guyam Island

Guyam Island is my second favourite island in Siargao, next to Daku Island. It is great for swimming, sunbathing, enjoying non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks at the beach bar, and the best beach to watch the sunset.

aerial shot of Guyam Island in Siargao
drone shot of Guyam Island

Corregidor Island

Siargao’s got a Corregidor Island too! This island, located an hour and a half boat ride from General Luna, offers breathtaking views of nearby islands. It also features powdery white sand and palm-fringed beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. However, one drawback is the limited beach access as various resorts own different sections, requiring separate entrance fees. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my visit and would definitely return for a second time!

aerial shot of Corregidor Island in Siargao
my blogger group, Jeepsetters PH, at Corregidor Island, Siargao
drone shot by Rizanoia

Magpupungko Rock Pools

In Magpupungko, you’ll not only see spectacular rock formations but also inviting tidal pools everywhere! I first saw pictures of Magpupungko in Instagram and I told myself that I would see it one day. When I finally did, it took my breath away! Seriously, I was blown away by its clear waters with different shades of blue. Before I knew it, I was already cliff diving and swimming to my heart’s content. Magpupungko will always be a non-negotiable in Siargao. Going here is an absolute must!

Magpupungko Tidal Pools in Siargao
Magpupungko Tidal Pools

Sugba Lagoon and Kawhagan Island

Another must visit in Siargao is Sugba Lagoon. Located in the second biggest mangrove system in the Philippines, this mystical lagoon offers various types of activities for all kinds of travellers. The star attraction is the bluest lagoon I have ever seen with a wooden diving board in the middle. This is where you can jump all you want or just stand at the board for some picture taking.

If you get in to Sugba Lagoon early enough, the board and the lagoon will be all yours. But expect a queue for the diving board because this place is one of Siargao’s most popular destination.

a tourist jumping from the wooden platform at Sugba Lagoon

Let’s not forget about Kawhagan Island. Some tour operators offer this as a side trip to Sugba Lagoon. This small island paradise located in Del Carmen is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters, lush palm trees, and beautiful white sandbar on one end. You will surely fall in love when you see it. Trust me.

The beautiful sandbar of Kawhagan Island
drone shot by Rizanoia

Swim with the stingless jellyfish of Bucas Grande Island

Hidden within Sohoton National Park in Bucas Grande Island lies a small lagoon, home to rare species of stingless jellyfish. Touching them and seeing them up close were magical. It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences I had in Siargao (well not really in Siargao but Surigao del Norte). Aside from the Jellyfish Sanctuary, there are other great attractions in this island like the Hagukan Cave, Magkukuob Cave (with a 5-moter cliff jump board), Titikan Lake, and the instagrammable Club Tara Resort.  

stingless jellyfish
stingless jellyfish

Other things to see and do in Siargao

  • See the sunrise or sunset at the Coconut “Top of the Road”, Burgos Coconut Road and Maasin River (Bent Coconut tree) – you guys probably know what these places look like because they’re all over Instagram!
  • Follow the dirt road to the Secret Beach – also known as Guiwan Beach, this beach doesn’t receive too much attention compared to other beaches Siargao.
  • Party in General LunaSiargao nightlife is vibrant, as there’s always a designated resort hosting the “official” party. For example, Retro Night at Mama Coco is scheduled on Mondays while “Sabado Nights” is scheduled at Harana Surf Resort on Saturdays. Just ask your receptionist to know where the party at.
  • Relax and destress by joining a yoga class – There are many resorts all around Siargao offering both single session and multi-day yoga sessions. If you need ta space to soothe your mind and release the tension in your body, then Siargao is a great place to do it! Kermit Siargao offers 1 session (75 minutes) for only 400 pesos while 5 sessions cost 1,500 pesos.
  • Descend thru Tayangban Cave Pools – Located near the Siargao Circumferential Road, this cave/cenote is one of Siargao’s best attractions. It can get a little scary to get there because of bats and total darkness, but it will be worth it. The best time to visit is the middle of the day when sunlight beams straight down and gives an almost heavenly reflection to the turquoise waters below.
aerial shot of Maasin River in Siargao
drone shot of the Instagrammable Maasin River

How to get to Siargao

Manila/Clark/Cebu to Siargao by Air

The fastest way to get to Siargao is by air, with frequent daily departures from Manila, Clark, or Cebu year-round. Seat sales can start as low as 1,500 pesos for a roundtrip ticket, while regular airfare ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 pesos, depending on your departure point. Always opt for the earliest flight to maximize your time on the island. Even though resort check-ins typically start at 2 PM, you can leave your luggage at the reception and start exploring the island right away.

As of June 2024, Cebu Pacific offers the earliest flight to Siargao. Flight DG 6841 departs at 4:55 AM from Manila’s NAIA terminal 3 and arrives at Sayak Airport at 7:25 AM.

Manila to Butuan to Siargao

Another alternative route to Siargao is via Butuan. My friends and I followed this route on one of our trips, which allowed us to explore Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls before heading to Siargao. From Butuan, you can take a bus or van to Hinatuan and Bislig. From either Hinatuan or Bislig, take a bus to Surigao City, where you can catch a ferry to Siargao.

Cebu to Siargao via Surigao City (ferry)

There is no direct ferry from Cebu to Siargao. Instead, you will need to take a ferry from Cebu to Surigao City and then transfer to a ferry bound for Siargao. Here are the options:

Cebu to Surigao (overnight ferry)

  • Cebu Starlite Ferries
    • Departure: 9:00 PM
    • Arrival: 7:00 AM
  • Cokaliong Shipping Lines
    • Departure: 7:00 PM
    • Arrival: 3:00 AM

Surigao to Siargao

  • If traveling with Cokaliong:
    • Arrival in Surigao: Around 3:00-3:30 AM
    • First ferry to Siargao: 6:00 AM (Evaristo and Sons Sea)
  • If traveling with Cebu Starlite Ferries:
    • Arrival in Surigao: Around 7:00 AM
    • Ferry to Siargao: 10:00 AM (Evaristo and Sons Sea)

How to get around Siargao

Getting around Siargao is easy and relatively cheap. You can ride a habal-habal (shared motorcycle) or tricycle around General Luna for around 10-20 pesos (less than $1 USD). Scooters are quintessential to the Siargao experience, and it’s not uncommon to see travelers riding one around the island. Scooter rentals are available online and in General Luna for as little as 350 pesos per 24 hours, excluding gasoline ($7 USD).

a group photo of our Sugba Lagoon tour
drone shot by Rizanoia

Where to book your tours in Siargao?

There are many tour operators offering island-hopping and land tours in the island. Siargao Tri-Island Tour takes you to three tropical islands – Naked IslandDaku Island and Guyam Island. You can also find one that offers island-island hopping tour that includes Corregidor Island along with the three islands! My friends and I did this tour and fell in love with it!

Another tour you can book is the Siargao Land Tour, which is great way to explore the beauty and culture of Siargao beyond the beach. This tour takes you to Coconut Road, Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Rock Pools, and Maasin River.

Where to stay in Siargao

Budget Accommodation

  • Tres Islas Hostel – for less than 500 pesos per night, you can get a dorm-style accommodation in this hostel. This is the cheapest hostel in the island but with great reviews.
  • Mad Monkey Hostel Siargao – a popular choice for backpackers and budget travelers looking for a fun and social atmosphere. They offer both dormitory-style and private rooms, as well as a variety of activities such as surfing lessons, island hopping tours, and live music events.
  • Himaya Siargao – offers budget-friendly villas and private pool. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and is just a short walk away from the beach, making it a great choice for couples or families looking for a peaceful and comfortable stay.
tropical villa in Siargao
drone shot of Bulan Villas by Rizanoia

Mid-range Accommodation

  • Bulan Villas – a boutique resort conveniently located in General Luna, which features a perfect combination of value-for-money and comfort. Despite being located on the main “Tourism Road, the resort offers a tranquil respite away from the crowds of General Luna. This is my favorite resort in Siagao!
  • Romantic Beach Villas Siargao Island – True to its name, this resort offers intimate beachfront villas that provide a serene and peaceful getaway. With its beautiful setting, charming decor, and excellent service, it’s an ideal spot for couples and families seeking a romantic retreat in Siargao.
  • The Hillside Resort Siargao – Located in the lush hills overlooking the green meadows, Hillside Resort Siargao is a perfect place to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. The infinity pool is a highlight and the spacious rooms and villas are beautifully designed.

Luxury Accommodation

  • Isla Cabana Resort – This charming resort features beautifully designed rooms and villas set among lush tropical gardens. With a stunning pool, excellent restaurant, and friendly staff, it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind.
  • Las Palmas Villas and Casitas Siargao – Conveniently located at the Tourism Road of General Luna, Las Palmas offers luxurious and spacious villas that blend modern amenities with traditional Filipino design. I loved the open-air living space, swimming pool and their in-house restaurant, which offers wide array of International and Filipino dishes.
  • Nay Palad Hideaway – Nestled in a quieter side of General Luna, this resort is the ultimate definition of luxury. This all-inclusive, eco-friendly resort offers beachfront villas surrounded by pristine nature, blending traditional Filipino design with modern comforts. Seriously, if I won the lottery, I would stay here for a month!

Where to eat in Siargao

Siargao has lots of restaurants offering different types of cuisine. Here are my favorite restaurants in Siargao in no particular order:

  1. Bravo Restaurant – This Mediterranean-inspired restaurant is a must-visit for its fresh seafood and flavorful dishes. I loved their paella marinera, tapas and salad.
  2. CEV: Ceviche & Kinilaw Shack – A must try for ceviche lover. Their Pacifico Ceviche and Santa Monica Ceviche were all freshly made, delicious and packed with flavor.
  3. BLISS Restaurant – This estaurant has a menu that focuses on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. I love their Eggs Benedict, Shakshuka and Risotto Ai Fungi.
  4. Kermit Siargao – This Italian-inspired restaurant is famous for their wood-fired pizzas and homemade pastas. I highly recommend their Tagliatelle alla Tartufata and Bruschetta Italiana.
  5. Mad Monkey Kitchen – This restaurant is located inside the popular Mad Monkey hostel, and offers a variety of international dishes.
  6. Kalinaw Resort Restaurant – features a fusion of local and international cuisine, and their cocktails were expertly crafted.
  7. Mama’s Grill – serves up some of the best grilled seafood and meat on the island. This is actually my favorite among all the restaurants I’ve tried in Siargao.
  8. Zicatela Siargao – This Mexican restaurant, cafe and cocktail lounge is a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy the sunset. Aside from their signature cocktails, their all-day breakfast offerings like Beef Birria and Burritos are the bomb.
  9. Shaka Cafe Siargao – For healthy and delicious meals, Shaka Siargao is a must-visit. Their smoothie bowls (Bakunawa is my all-time-favorite), salads, and wraps were all fresh and flavorful.
  10. Boulevard Eateries – There are many eateries at the boulevard offering cheap grilled seafood and booze (cheapest in all of General Luna). This is where my friends and I would usually go at night to have barbecue and beer. 

Siargao Travel Guide: Actual Itineraries That I Personally Used

5D/4N Itinerary For First Time Visitors

Day 1 (Manila to Siargao)
4:55 AM – ETD Manila to Siargao
7:25 AM – ETA Sayak Airport
9:00 AM – ETA General Luna (leave luggage at resort)
9:30 AM – Breakfast
1:00 PM – Lunch
2:30 PM – Surfing lesson at Cloud 9
4:00 PM – Chill at Cloud 9 Tower
7:00 PM – Dinner

Day 2 (Siargao Land Tour) Book Siargao Land Tour your tour here!
Coconut Road
Kawhagan Island
Sugba Lagoon
Magpupungko Tidal Pools
Burgos Coconut Road
Maasin River

Day 3 (Siargao Island Hopping Tour) Book Siargao Tri Island Tour your tour here!
Naked Island
Daku Island
Guyam Island

Day 4 (Underrated Siargao Island Tour) Book Underrated Siargao Island Tour your tour here!
Mamon Island
Corregidor Island

Day 5 (Departure) 
5:00 AM – Wake up early to catch the sunrise at Cloud 9
7:00 AM – Surfing lessons (optional)
8:00 AM – Breakfast and hangout at the beach
12:00 PM – Check out accommodation
1:00 PM – Travel to Sayak Airport
2:00 PM – ETA Airport
4:50 PM – ETD Siargao to Manila
7:15 PM – ETA Manila

5D/4N Itinerary including Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls

Day 1 (Manila to Butuan)
4:30 AM – ETD Manila to Butuan
6:10 AM – ETA Butuan Airport
7:30 AM – Van to Hinatuan
10:30 AM – ETA Hinatuan Bus Terminal
10:45 AM – Check in at Kamayo Hostel and early lunch
11:15 AM – ETD Enchanted River
11:45 AM – ETA Enchanted River
12:00 PM – Fish feeding at Enchated River
1:30 PM – ETD Enchated River to Tinuy-an Falls
2:30 PM – ETA Tinuy-an Falls
4:00 PM – ETD Tinuy-an Falls
5:00 PM – ETA Hinatuan and Rest at Kamayo Hostel
6:00 PM – Dinner at nearby Carinderia

Day 2 (Hinatuan to Surigao City to Siargao)
1:30 AM – ETD Kamayo Hostel
2:00 AM – Van from Hinatuan Bus Terminal to Ampayon
4:00 AM – ETA Ampayon Crossing to Surigao City
4:30 AM – Van/Bus to Surigao City
6:30 am – ETA Surigao City Bus Terminal
10:30 AM – ETD Surigao Port to Dapa Port
12:00 PM – ETA Dapa Port
12:30 PM – ETA General Luna
1:00 PM – Check in accommodation
1:30 PM – Late lunch
2:30 PM – Surfing lesson at Cloud 9
4:00 PM – Chill at Cloud 9 Tower
7:00 PM – Dinner

Day 3 (Siargao Land Tour)
Coconut Road
Kawhagan Island
Sugba Lagoon
Magpupungko Tidal Pools
Burgos Coconut Road
Maasin River

Day 4 (Siargao Island Hopping Tour)
Corregidor Island
Naked Island
Daku Island
Guyam Island

Day 5 (Departure) 
5:00 AM – Wake up early to catch the sunrise at Cloud 9
7:00 AM – Surfing lessons (optional)
8: 00 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Check out accommodation
10:00 AM – Travel to Siargao Airport
10:45 AM – ETA Airport
12:200 PM – ETD Siargao to Manila
2:50 PM – ETA Manila

5D/4N Itinerary including Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls – Actual Expenses Breakdown

Day 1
Van from Butuan Airport to Hinatuan Bus Terminal – 350 pesos
1 night stay at Kamayo Hostel – 360 pesos (720 pesos for two pa)
Habal-habal to Enchanted River and Tinuy-an – 600 pesos (1,200 pesos for two pax)
Enchanted River Environmental Fee – 40 pesos
Tinuy-an Falls Entrance Fee –  50 pesos
Tinuy-an Falls Guide Fee –  50 pesos

Day 2
Kamayo Hostel to Hinatuan Bus Terminal – 100 pesos
Van from Hinatuan Bus Terminal to Ampayon – 300 pesos
Bus from Ampayon to Surigao City – 170 pesos
Tricycle from Surigao City Bus Terminal to Port – 10 pesos
Ferry to Dapa Port – 330 pesos
Tricycle to General Luna – 50 pesos
Tres Islas Hostel 3 nights accommodation – 1,500 pesos
Habal to Cloud 9 – 20 pesos
Cloud 9 Tower entrance fee – 50 pesos
Surfing lesson at Cloud 9 – 500 pesos
Tricycle fare back to General Luna – 20 pesos

Day 3
Land tour – 1,700 pesos
Sidetrip to Kawhagan Island – 200 pesos

Day 4 
Island Hopping – 1,700 pesos
Habal fare to Cloud 9 – 20 pesos
Tricycle to Boulevard – 20 pesos
Tricycle back to General Luna – 20 pesos

Day 5
Van from General Luna to Siargao Airport – 300 pesos

Our Manila to Butuan and Siargao to Manila tickets were purchased for only 1,440.20 pesos per person during Cebu Pacific’s Piso sale. 

Grand Total: 9,880.20 pesos ($170)

Disclaimer: Only airfare, tours and entrance fees, accommodation, transportation and transfers were included in the total calculation. Other personal expenses such as food, alcohol, souvenirs, shopping, and the likes are not included. Also, please note cost fluctuate depending on season. Information was correct at the time of writing.

sunset in Siargao
beautiful sunset in Siargao

Siargao Travel Guide: Things to Know Before You Go

Is it safe to go to Siargao now?

Yes, it is safe to go to Siargao now. Siargao is an incredibly safe destination for travelers, including solo travelers and solo female travelers. The local community is friendly, and the island has a low crime rate, making it a welcoming and secure place to visit. As always, it’s important to take standard travel precautions and stay informed about any local advisories.

What is the best month to go to Siargao?

The best month to visit Siargao is between March and October. This period offers the best weather for beach activities and island hopping. For surfers, the peak surf season is from September to November when the waves are at their best.

How many days should I stay in Siargao?

5 to 7 days is the minimum to fully experience Siargao. This allows enough time to explore its beautiful beaches, enjoy surfing, visit popular spots like Cloud 9, Magpupungko Rock Pools, and Sugba Lagoon, and take day trips to nearby islands. It also gives you time to relax and soak in the laid-back island atmosphere. Seriously, Siargao will captivate you, and you’ll want to stay even longer.

How to stay connected in Siargao?

Most resorts, airbnbs, hostels, and guesthouses offer Wi-Fi for guests. Additionally, many cafes and restaurants provide free Wi-Fi. If you are working remotely, you can try some of the island’s coworking spaces like Alter Space Siargao and Lexias Hostel Workspace. I personally recommend Holafly eSIM, which uses Smart, the best cellular network provider in the Philippines.

Get your Holafly eSIM and receive 5% off when you use my code PROJECTGORA.

Renting a scooter/motorbike in Siargao

When renting a scooter or motorbike, ensure you have a valid driver’s license and always observe proper driving precautions, such as wearing a helmet. One of the most critical pieces of advice I can offer is to purchase travel insurance; you never know when you might need it. Siargao is the last place you’d want to get involved in an accident, considering that the hospital is located in Dapa, which is quite far from General Luna. Additionally, the roads in Siargao can be quite dark, so it’s best to avoid driving at night for safety reasons.

How to save money on alcohol in Siargao?

Buy drinks from local stores (called sari-sari stores) and enjoy local carinderias at the boulevard, where pulutan and booze are cheap. Take advantage of happy hour deals at bars and restaurants, where you can often find discounted prices on drinks.

Do you need cash in Siargao?

Yes, you need cash in Siargao. While some establishments accept credit cards and digital payments (GCash), cash is widely accepted and often preferred, especially by smaller businesses, local stores, and eateries. 

How much does it cost to travel to Siargao?

The cost of a trip to Siargao can vary based on factors like your travel style, length of stay, and activities. Here’s a rough estimate of typical expenses for a 5-day trip:

  • Budget traveler: PHP 10,000 – PHP 15,000 (approximately $180 – $270)
  • Mid-range traveler: PHP 20,000 – PHP 35,000 (approximately $360 – $630)
  • Luxury traveler: PHP 40,000 and above (approximately $720+)

So, that’s about it my dear readers! I hope this Siargao Travel Guide will prove useful! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions, suggestions or stories you want to share about Siargao!

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