Mt. Masaraga: The Campsite with a view of Mayon

Are you looking for a new camping destination that offers spectacular views? Look no further than The Campsite at Mt. Masaraga in Ligao City, Albay! With its stunning unobstructed views of Mt. Mayon, excellent conditions for astrophotography, and a resident cat – what more could you ask for? Read on to know what you can expect when you decide to include this campsite in your Bicol trip.

the campsite with a view of the mountains

The Campsite at Mt. Masaraga

When it comes to camping destinations with a view, it doesn’t get much better than this. The Campsite is situated at Mt. Masaraga and offers an unobstructed view of world-famous Mayon Volcano. Whether you are planning to stay overnight or just visit during the day, like what we did, there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from.

*The name of the campsite is “The Campsite”

Activities at Mt. Masaraga

At 1,328 meters above sea level, Mt. Masaraga is a stunning sight to behold. One moment while I was there, I stood atop a small hill and took in the panoramic view before me; it was simply breathtaking. With its unique landscape, the campsite provides the perfect spot for activities like hiking up to the summit of Mt. Masaraga. If you’re staying overnight, you can do astrophotography, especially when conditions are just right! 

Overnight Stay at the Campsite

If you’re planning on staying overnight at this campsite, make sure to bring all your own food and supplies as there are no restaurants or convenience stores nearby. Overnight stays are allowed but keep in mind that there are limited bahay kubo (nipa huts) to accommodate guests. If there are no availability on your visit, you may opt to pitch a tent, which I think is the best way to enjoy the place. After all, this is a campsite.

nipa hut in the campsite
The nipa hut at the campsite

There are basic amenities such as bathrooms and a grilling station. It’s best to plan ahead and pack light; however, if you do forget something, don’t worry. There are stores in downtown Ligao, which is about 15 minutes away, where you can stock up on any essentials.  

Resident Cat at the Campsite

Cat Lover Alert!  Last but definitely not least, there is a resident cat who loves attention from visitors! If you’re a cat lover like me, then this will certainly be an added bonus; so don’t forget to bring some cat treats along with all your other camping essentials. It’s always nice when animals greet us with open arms (or should we say paws?).  

woman playing with a resident cat

Overall, our day trip in the Campsite at Mt. Masaraga was one that I won’t soon forget. From the stunning views, even though we didn’t see the peak of Mt. Mayon, to making friends with the resident cat, there were so many memorable moments that made this an adventure worth repeating again and again!

If you’re looking for a camping destination with plenty of opportunities for photos or even just relaxation – look no further than Mt. Masaraga in Ligao City, Albay. If you’re looking to visit other destinations in Bicol, I suggest taking a pottery class in Tiwi, Albay. You won’t regret it!

Woman standing at the campsite

How to get to the Campsite

By Public Transportation

From Legazpi City, the campsite is about 2 hours away. Take a jeepney or a van in Central Terminal near Gaisano Mall to get to Ligao City. From Ligao City, take a jeepney to Tabaco and tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at Sitio Sabluyon in Brgy. Amtic. From downtown Ligao, hail a motorcycle (habal-habal) to get to the campsite.

Have you been to the campsite at Mt. Masaraga? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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